Fathers aren’t always as sentimental as moms and it may be harder for them to express more tender emotions with their children. Yet, dads contribute to their children’s lives in many different ways that make a huge impact on a child’s wellbeing, which is why they are so important! Dads are the strong and steady hand that guides kids to adulthood with the skills and knowledge they need to move forward and be a success.

So, let’s celebrate all the fathers, dad’s, stepdads, and father figures! Father’s Day is almost here and it is the perfect time to thank them for all they have done and continue to do in their kids’ lives because dads never stop teaching!

This year show your dad how much he means to you by giving him your time instead of those typical cheesy Father’s Day gifts. Not sure what to do?

Here are 10 simple and thoughtful activities to do with Dad on his special day:

1. Instead of the traditional Father’s Day card, write your dad a letter expressing how much you appreciate his love and guidance throughout the years. Acknowledging all his positive contributions to your life – and that you recognize him for it – will make him feel special and deepen the bond between you.

2. Do some of the activities you use to do together such as play catch, go fishing, watch an old favorite movie, or tinker on a car together. These activities will bring back memories and allow you to spend some quality time together much like when you were younger.

3. Many fathers spend years being a great provider for their families, getting up extra early for work day after day. You could to the usual breakfast in bed, but instead, let him sleep in and then do a nice brunch in bed just for him.

4. Take him to do his favorite activity, whatever it is, and do it with him, learning new things about him as you do.

5. Go to a local park or simply sit on the front porch and spend the afternoon listening to his stories about his life, growing up in a different time, about his memories of his kids growing up, etc. He’ll feel heard and enjoy the time you spend with him.

6. Create new memories by finding a new activity or hobby you can both enjoy together. It can be as simple as taking a weekly walk or movie together, a regular lunch date, to even building model cars or a whole day fishing every month.

7. There always seems to be more projects that need accomplishing around the house than there is time. If your dad has a list of “honey-do” projects, spend the day helping him with some of those tasks, chores, or fix-it projects. The tasks get done while you get to spend quality time together.

8. Spend time together while also helping others by volunteering at a local kids club. Unfortunately, there are many children out there who don’t have dads or positive male role models in their lives. You both can be there for other children to help pass on your guidance and wisdom to those in need.

9. True to nature, many fathers enjoy a little competition. So, challenge your dad to competitive yet fun activities for a day such as bowling, touch football, paintball, go-kart racing, or golf.

10. If neither of you is into actually participating in the competition, enjoy the afternoon together by catching a baseball game. And don’t forget to get all the traditional staple foods for lunch while you’re there!

All of us at Making A Difference Foundation would like to thank all the great dads out there that continue to make a huge difference in the lives of kids everywhere. It can be challenging to be a role model to future generations and we honor your love, guidance, and contributions you all give to your children, families, and the community.

And we would especially like to acknowledge the dads on our staff and who volunteer their precious time to help us help others in need. You really do make a difference in so many ways – and we appreciate you!