Honoring and Caring for All Veterans

Regardless of which branch of service, or which job one held, all veterans are heroes! Without the selfless dedication, service, and sacrifice made by each military member (and their families), it’s hard to say where our country would be right now. The brave men and women who have served in the past gave so much [...]

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Women of Color and Breast Cancer: Disparities in Screenings, Diagnosis, and Treatment Outcomes

Like any type of cancer, breast cancer doesn’t discriminate and affects women from all walks of life and all genetics, races, and cultures. However, while it doesn’t discriminate, it does disproportionately affect some more than others. This is not just in the diagnosis rates or genetic causes of breast cancer as it relates to race, [...]

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Knowledge is Power: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer has touched the lives of millions of people…whether directly or by loving someone who has been affected by it. In 2020, more than 2.3 million women received a breast cancer diagnosis worldwide with another 685,000 dying from it. (Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Breast Cancer Statistics and Resources, 2020) October is breast cancer awareness [...]

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Does Someone You Love Have Breast Cancer?

Cancer is a very hard diagnosis and disease to deal with. Not only can it be life threatening, but it leaves a huge emotional and mental burden. Breast cancer patients are faced with a special kind of emotional challenge. For most women, their breasts are a key symbol of their motherhood and womanhood. To potentially [...]

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Is It Columbus Day or Indigenous People’s Day? And Why So Much Controversy Over the Two?

While still widely known as Columbus Day, the second Monday of every October is now also known as Indigenous People’s Day. So which is right and can we accept both? Columbus Day was originally started in the late 19th century as a movement in honor of Italian-American heritage at a time when Italian immigrants [...]

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We can do this! Together!

https://tacomaweekly.com/we-can-do-this-together-p2011-197.htm Coming together as a community, we can do anything! Including overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic. When I started the Eloise’s Cooking Pot Food Bank in Tacoma back in 2009, it was just a small food pantry to ensure my neighbors in my small Eastside Tacoma neighborhood had enough to eat. But as more community members [...]

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Experiences, Not Things

If COVID-19 taught us anything, it taught us most about who and what is important in life. It taught us about resilience and strength, and how to pick ourselves back up and continue on. Lessons most of us also learned from our fathers at some point in our lives. Dads are the pinnacle of [...]

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Juneteenth Emancipation Day

June 19, 1865: the official end to slavery in the United States. It was the day when federal troops ensured the last of the African American slaves were freed – two and a half years after Lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation. It’s one of America’s oldest celebrations, marked by prayer, feasting, song, and dance [...]

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