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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2021-07-23T15:50:22-07:00


What zip codes/areas do you serve?2021-07-27T14:57:50-07:00

For Home Delivery we deliver to Tacoma, University Place, Parkland, Spanaway, Lakewood, Puyallup, Fife, Federal Way, Algona, and Pacific. We also deliver to JBLM.

How do I cancel home delivery?2021-07-23T15:46:28-07:00

If you would no longer like to receive your home delivery for any reason go to our home delivery page and scroll down until you find “Update or Remove Your Home Delivery Information.”

What is the current Eloise’s Cooking Pot service procedure?2021-07-23T15:53:44-07:00
Due to the pandemic situation improving we now offer shopping inside and are phasing out curbside pickup. We will continue offering expanded home delivery support.
Shopping Inside
To shop inside simply wear a mask and pick your food items inside the food bank. We will limit the number of people in the space to increase safety. The process is subject to change please follow the guidance of our staff while at the food bank. We recommend bringing your own bags.
Walk Up Service
          If you do not have access to a vehicle, we offer walk up service as well. Line up on the designated squares at the bus stop across from the food bank and one of our team members will bring you a food box.
Home Delivery
If you would like to request weekly home grocery delivery you can apply here.
Can I donate food to Eloise’s Cooking Pot?2020-06-24T10:56:35-07:00

Yes you can donate! Simply bring the food to the food bank during open hours and a staff member will collect it from you. Note, donations must not be expired.

What are the requirements to get food from Eloise’s Cooking Pot?2020-06-24T10:52:54-07:00

There are no requirements to get food from the food bank. All you have to do come to the food bank, wait in line, and fill out a clipboard with some brief information.

Do you offer grocery delivery?2021-07-23T15:52:59-07:00

Yes. We are currently taking on new delivery routes in light of the current Coronavirus pandemic. You can apply for delivery here.

Do you take donations of home goods?2020-03-05T13:15:22-08:00

Yes, we do accept donations of housewares/home goods in new or like-new condition with their original packaging.

Can I come in for a partial volunteer shift?2020-01-10T12:53:04-08:00

No. For organizational purposes, we rely on our volunteers being present for the duration of each available time slot. Exceptions are occasionally made.

What are the food bank’s hours of operation?2021-06-30T12:56:09-07:00

Open Tuesday-Saturday 10:30am-4:00pm

I’m having trouble signing up for a volunteer shift online. What can I do?2020-01-10T12:54:04-08:00

If you can’t sign up through the VolunteerUp portal, call our office at (253) 212-2778 and a member of our staff will sign you up manually.

Does volunteering at Eloise’s Cooking Pot count as community service?2020-01-10T12:54:21-08:00

Yes. Your volunteer hours at Eloise’s Cooking Pot Food Bank constitute community service hours.

My child is __ years old. Can they volunteer with me?2020-01-10T12:54:28-08:00

Children aged 16 or younger (even when accompanied by an adult) can only come to morning shifts between 8:00 AM & 12:00 PM.

How do I sign up to volunteer at Eloise’s Cooking Pot?2020-01-10T12:54:33-08:00

You can sign up for a shift here.

I don’t have a car, how can I get to Eloise’s Cooking Pot?2020-01-10T12:54:49-08:00

Eloise’s Cooking Pot Food Bank is very accessible through public transportation. Directions for getting to Eloise’s Cooking Pot by bus can be found here.

Will the food bank be closed in the event of inclement weather?2020-01-10T12:54:54-08:00

In the event of inclement weather (heavy snow, frozen roads, flooding or fire), Eloise’s Cooking Pot Food Bank will operate or cancel service according to official Tacoma School District closures. Read our full inclement weather policy here.

Where is Eloise’s Cooking Pot located?2020-01-10T12:54:59-08:00

We’re located at 3543 E McKinley Ave, Tacoma, WA 98404.

How soon before closing do I need to arrive?2020-01-10T12:55:04-08:00

Clients must be at the food bank no less than 15 minutes before we close each day. If there is a line, you will be served as long as you’re present to sign yourself in at least 15 minutes before closing.

What zip codes/areas do you serve?2021-07-27T14:54:58-07:00

We serve residents of all zip codes! It doesn’t matter where you live – if you show up to Eloise’s you will be served.

For Home Delivery we deliver to Tacoma, University Place, Parkland, Spanaway, Lakewood, Puyallup, Fife, Federal Way, Algona, and Pacific.

Can another person pick up food for me?2020-01-10T12:55:14-08:00

Yes. If they come to shop for themselves, they can shop for you and/or your family directly afterward (no need for them to wait in line twice). They’ll just sign you and/or your family in at the same time as they sign themselves in when they get in line.

What do I need to bring to the food bank?2020-01-14T09:31:40-08:00

You don’t need to bring anything to receive service at Eloise’s Cooking Pot – this is the community’s food bank! The only thing we ask that you bring with you is reusable shopping bags so that we can allocate more of our budget toward food instead of plastic grocery bags (plus it’s better for the environment).

Why do you weigh the food after clients finish shopping?2020-01-10T12:55:52-08:00

We weigh each client’s groceries to keep track of how much food we give, relative to what we bring in. By keeping track of our inventory, we’re able to make sure that we have enough food for everyone each week. The weight we record isn’t at all tied to the client; we don’t keep track of how much food each client picks up.

How long is the line right now?2022-08-11T09:41:39-07:00

The wait-time in line is typically no more than 20 minutes – we’re always working on making it faster!

How often can I come to the food bank?2020-01-10T12:55:57-08:00

You can come to the food bank and get food every day that we’re open! There is no limit. Since we’re open 5 days/week, you can come 5 times/week (that’s 20 times each month).

Can I pick up food for another person/family?2020-01-10T12:56:03-08:00

Yes. If you come to shop for yourself, you can shop for another individual or family directly afterward (no need to wait in line twice). You’ll just sign the other person or family in at the same time as you sign yourself in when you get in line.