In this tough economy, many seniors who live on limited, fixed incomes struggle to make ends meet and provide for their basic necessities.

Some live solely on small Social Security checks, pensions, or other government benefits that barely cover the cost of food, housing, and prescriptions.

MADF’s newest program is designed to help these seniors who are in need of assistance. Seniors can be nominated or apply themselves to receive a small supplemental income from MADF of $100 to purchase personal care and household incidentals. This $100 will come in the form of a prepaid cash debit card to approved seniors monthly. Supplemental funding will be for a 12-month period per approved senior. After that year, seniors will have to reapply for assistance.


The Senior Supplemental Program is open to seniors 65 years of age or older living in Pierce County, WA. Seniors whose annual income is $18,000 ($1,500 monthly) or less are eligible for the program, as are seniors living in subsidized/low-income housing.

MADF Funding Restrictions

While MADF cannot guarantee approval of any supplemental funding request as it is based on available funding, supplemental funding cannot be used for:

  • Medical care or items that are normally paid by insurance or Medicare, etc.
  • Housing reconstruction or home repair items
  • Items that are a non-necessity


Application Process

Seniors or those wishing to nominate a senior for this program can download the application below and mail it to MADF.

Applications will be reviewed by MADF on a rolling basis and we will do our best to respond within 30 days of the application being received. MADF will make an exception for urgent need which must be noted on the application.

While we try to help as many seniors as possible, submitting an application for the supplemental income does not guarantee approval.

  • MADF reserves the right to deny requests should it conflict with our organization’s mission or purpose
  • Each senior is limited to supplemental funding for one year after which time they will have to reapply