Many times, a dream held tightly in hopes of fulfilling it can give a senior a sense of purpose and a reason to continue living.

Whether a life-long dream, an immediate wish, or a renewal of a past experience or passion, we want to provide an opportunity to honor seniors, remind them they are important and give them the ability to fulfill their dream or wish that they may never get to otherwise.

Types of Wishes


Wishes are granted to any senior 65 years of age or older who are U.S. citizens residing within King and Pierce County, WA. As wishes are granted to seniors who don’t have the ability or resources to accomplish their wish on their own, or with family assistance, a senior being nominated or requesting a wish from MADF should have an income limit of 250% below the federal poverty limit. Senior must be able to participate safely in the wish, but there are no critical or terminal illness requirements

  • 65 years of age or older

  • U.S. citizen residing within King or Pierce County, WA

  • Income limit of 250% below the federal poverty limit

Cost of Wish

The cost of each individual senior wish will vary; however, will range from $250 to a maximum of $5,000 so MADF can provide as many senior wishes as possible. MADF covers the full cost of the wish being granted, either with donated services/goods or financial donations. MADF will work closely with other organizations and service providers to fulfill all aspects of the wish.

There is no cost to the senior or their family.

Wish Restrictions

While MADF cannot guarantee approval of any or all wishes, we will not allow and will deny the following types of wish requests:

  • Medical care, such as surgery or other medical/dental items that would normally be paid by insurance or Medicare, etc.
  • Housing reconstruction (such as home repair) unless it has bearing on the safety or welfare of the senior
  • Physical assets such as houses, vehicles, and boats, etc.
  • Wishes just for vacations – any travel wishes must have a specific purpose related to the wish such as to go to a family reunion, travel to get to an event or activity as it relates to the wish
  • No travel outside of the continental U.S.
  • Wishes that extend beyond the life of the senior (funeral arrangements, headstones, etc.
  • No Legal or Employment Services requests/wishes
  • No wishes that are political, dangerous, or illegal in nature

Application Process

Download the application below and mail it to MADF. Seniors can be nominated by family or friends or they can nominate themselves.

Applications will be reviewed by MADF’s board of directors quarterly with applications being accepted on a rolling basis. Each senior wish that is approved will be based on its own merit.

We do our best to respond within 30 days of board review of the application. MADF will make an exception for any wishes of an urgent need or have timing criteria. This must be noted on the application if this applies. While we try to help as many senior wishes as possible, submitting an application for a wish does not guarantee approval.

  • MADF reserves the right to deny requests should it conflict with our organization’s mission or purpose
  • Each senior can only receive one wish under this program. This is a one-time opportunity so we can assist as many seniors as possible.
  • MADF’s goal is to grant wishes to at least five seniors in the first year of the program, 2019, as funding or resources allow.