Making A Difference Foundation has been a God send for my family! We have been guests of their food bank for the past six months when my husband lost his job. Without out the food and other goods we received through their services, I don’t know what we would have done to feed ourselves and our two kids. We get the opportunity to pick out our own food based on what we like and need which is different from other food banks we’ve been to in the past. They offer a wide variety of items, including fresh fruits and vegetables, and they never look down on us or make us feel ashamed to visit and get the items we need. They are always so kind and seem to really care about us and others in the community. Making A Difference really is making a difference for families like mine. When we are back on our feet and more stable, I plan on giving some food donations so we can help others as well, and hope to volunteer, too. Thank you, Making A Difference Foundation for helping us survive such an unexpected event!


I am a single mother of 5 young children. I live in Tacoma’s food desert, also known as the Eastside. I was unemployed with no transportation and all of my children are elementary school aged. There are no grocery stores close in the area and without transportation it makes it hard to get to a grocery store with 5 young children on the bus!

When someone told me about Eloise Cooking Pot food bank I thought it was like what any other food bank would be like. Usually food banks give you the not so great items and sometimes expired goods. One day we were pretty much out of food and I remembered what I’d heard about Eloise Cooking Pot. I packed the kids up and we walked to the food bank.

At Eloise Cooking Pot food bank I was treated with such kindness and respect. ECP provided my family with healthy nutritious foods, snacks for the kids and household items that I really, really needed. I was surprised at the quality of the food provided there. I was also surprised by how the people at ECP really care about the community and helping us get what we need.
They make us feel so loved and welcomed. Always a smile, a kind word and even prayer. I was able to go to the food bank 1-2 times per week to make sure my family and I had what we needed until I was able to get on my feet.

I now have a full time job and transportation of my own. I still live in Eastside, Tacoma. Although I am doing much better for myself and my family, I realize how important it is having Eloise Cooking Pot food bank in our neighborhood. Now I am a volunteer at ECP food bank so that I can show my appreciation and most importantly give back and help my community.


Where do I begin? You guys have helped me and my family in every area of our life.

– Motivated
– Coached
– Helped with my spiritual life
– Loved when it was hard to love myself
– Provided a safe place to live

It is very hard to express how grateful I am to the Making A Difference Foundation. When I came into the program I was broken! I was about to be homeless and financially in ruins. Homes for Veterans gave me a safe place to call home and helped me get the benefits I needed to survive.

God bless you guys. Me and Marilyn love you with all our hearts!!!

Patrick and Marilyn Perry

I’ve been pretty busy lately and the Joy Box [MADF Program] gave me something to slow down and think and realize I am in Grief!!! Each item fits my style very much! I am a collector of cups!! And the word “Believe” as well as the shape of the cup made me smile. I write a lot so the journal will come in handy…The box was a thrill and the words of encouragement were soothing to my soul!!

I really appreciate the love and the ministry will be hearing from me! (I think it’s a great one!!!!)

Blessings and Thank You


I just wanted to extend my gratitude and appreciation for allowing me to be one of the scholarship recipients this year! Thank you very much for your time, assistance, support and consideration!

Kristina Dyar