If COVID-19 taught us anything, it taught us most about who and what is important in life. It taught us about resilience and strength, and how to pick ourselves back up and continue on.

Lessons most of us also learned from our fathers at some point in our lives.

Dads are the pinnacle of strength for their families and they don’t always get the praise and attention they deserve. They make the hard choices and sacrifices to help their children grow up strong and face all the challenges that life and the world throw at them.

So, before you go out and buy dad that traditional tie again this year, or the “World’s Best Dad” whatever, think outside the box and celebrate dad in a special, more meaningful way on June 20, 2021, now that we can more safely get together.

In a survey done in 2019 (yes, COVID put us a little behind) of 2,000 fathers, three-quarters of them (76%) looked forward to an experience more than a physical gift. The top pick? A simple phone call is what they wanted most, followed up closely with having a bonding family-time meal or even just quiet time to themselves.

Whether you’re 5, 50, or 95…dads are a special and an important part of our lives. It’s time to make him feel special, too. If you don’t know what your dad might want for Father’s Day, simply ask him! If he can’t give you any ideas, then here are 10 simple things every father would love to hear on their special day. Use them in a card, to give as a toast at the family meal, write on a handmade gift, or simply in conversation when you give your time and spend the day with them.

10 Simple, Heartfelt Things Every Father Wants to Hear


  1. “I’m proud of you, too, Dad.” They say it to us, but they don’t hear it enough – or at all – from the people whom they love.
  1. “Thank you for all you do for us, our family.” Because everyone needs to feel appreciated.
  1. “You raised me right.” Every parent has regrets and wonders if they did the right thing by their children or if they should have made different choices. And every parent needs to know that you’re happy and feel they did a good job in their parenting and providing.
  1. “I had a great childhood and I wouldn’t change a thing about how I grew up.” Another variation of “You raised me right.”
  1. “You are a great father, but an even better dad.” A father is someone who provides, strengthens, leads, and disciplines. A dad is the supporter, friend, the one who is always there for their kids. If you got the best of both, tell him!
  1. “The best parts of me are because of you.” Your best traits came from his best traits and his dedication in bringing them out in you.
  1. “No matter how old I get, I will always love and need you.” Roles start to reverse as our parents age, but we will always need them in our lives and it is important that they know that. As they get older, they may feel less important in our busy lives.
  1. “You are my role model and everything I aspire to be.” As parents, we want to be good role models to our children. Let him know he was/is one for you.
  1. “You gave me memories I will cherish forever.” Let them know that even when they are gone, you will always remember and appreciate the time you spent together
  2. “I love you.” Even dads need to hear this emotional sentiment and probably don’t hear it enough as they are often seen as the strong and quiet leader A simple “I love you” can mean the world to them.