Whether you celebrate Easter as the holiday recognizing the resurrection of Jesus Christ or you simply enjoy it more as a children’s holiday full of egg hunts and chocolate, Easter definitely symbolizes a day of renewal and hope. 

In these unprecedented times we have been facing over the last few months, with stay-at-home orders and full-on quarantines, it is so important to not lose site of this renewal and hope.  

People from all walks of life are losing work hours or jobs, many unable to make ends meet during this time. Others are closed off from family and friends. Everyone is uncertain as to how this pandemic will unfold and what life will be like on the other side.  

But while we can focus on the negative aspects, it’s important to also look at the positive that is coming forth: community members coming together in support for those in need; mother nature starting to clear and heal herself as we slow our hectic pace; people learning how to re-prioritize their lives, and all of us remembering what is truly important in life. 

Parks are now closed and people are told to stay in and away from others. There will be no Easter egg hunts, visits from the Easter Bunny, or the typical holiday traditions. There is no going to church Easter morning. But there are other ways to celebrate this holiday by remembering its true meaning.  

Remember the love Jesus had for us all. Remember how he sacrificed himself on the cross for mankind’s sins only to be resurrected to give us daily hope. Hope that we can move beyond our baser instincts and be renewed in God’s love and acceptance, even though the darkest of times   

Remember how each of us can use what’s currently happening in our world as a catalyst for positive change and we each can help and support our neighbors in these times of need and tragedy.  

This pandemic won’t last forever, thankfully, but we can come out on the other side kinder, wiser, more thankful and loving people which is in the true spirit of Easter.