We’re thankful to have so many people reaching out to us to ask how they can help us provide food for those in need in the midst of the current COVID-19 outbreak. We’ve put together a list of ways you can help us make a difference during this crisis. You’ll also learn about the measures we’re taking to keep our clients, volunteers, and staff safe.

1.Sign up to volunteer at the food bank. We need volunteers each day at the food bank. We are taking measures to ensure the safety of all of our volunteers, staff, and clients in the midst of this outbreak including rigorous sanitation, small work-groups, and the implementation of a “curbside” service model that limits contact for the safety of all. Please sign up at themadf.org/volunteer.

  • We are also looking for volunteers with the following expertise:
    1. C.D.L Drivers who can drive a truck with a manual transmission
    2. Logistic Specialist: someone who can help us organize our system
    3. Cleaning Service: someone who can help us keep the food bank clean each day so that everyone stays healthy.
    4. Data Specialist: who can help us input data from our clients.
    5. Procurement: someone who can help us find and acquire the items we need for our clients.
If you have any other specialty that you think would be beneficial to us, please contact us by email at info@themadfseattle.org.
2. Sign up to volunteer as a driver. You can go to our web page and sign up to deliver food to families in need. We are delivering to the most vulnerable people right now while working out the logistics in real-time. If you sign up on our website, someone will give you a call next week.
Note: if you choose to shop and pick up for people making requests on our social media, you are engaging in a private delivery between you and the recipient. Please exercise wisdom and stay safe. Do not enter anyone’s home and use the buddy system please. Drop the food off at the door. We highly recommend that you choose to deliver for families in your neighborhood that you know. We want to keep everyone safe.


3. Donate supplies to the food bank. We are currently in need of the following supplies to keep the food bank up and running through this crisis:

  1. Unused boxes, grocery bags, and lunch bags.
  2. Baby formula, baby food, and diapers (sizes 1,2 & 3)
  3. Silverware packets, small hygiene products, toilet paper, and paper towels for our homeless clients
  4. Backpacks for our homeless clients to put food in.
  5. Orange safety cones and safety vests.
  6. Cases of water
  7. Anti-bacterial rubber gloves


4. Make a cash donation. We have a big increase in the need for gas, diary foods, fresh fruits/veggies and daily operation expenses. You can donate through this page or on our website at themadf.org/donate.
Thank you again for helping us make a difference in the lives of others.