It’s been a strange year. One most of us couldn’t have predicted or imagined.

What turned into “two weeks to flatten the curve” right before Mother’s Day in 2020 turned into over a full year of not getting to see or hug our moms. Many moms found themselves locked down fully in assisted living facilities or nursing homes, unable to have any visitors, being stuck in isolation.

We’ve lost a lot of time with those we love the most, especially our older, more vulnerable parents.

As the vaccines roll out, pandemic restrictions start to ease, and more people are becoming socially comfortable again around the more the COVID-susceptible, it’s time to start living again and visit the people who mean the most – MOM!

If nothing else, COVID-19 brought some important lessons to us this year. Most importantly, that time with our loved ones is not guaranteed and time is the most important thing of all. Mother’s Day is typically the time of year to get Mom meaningful gifts, give flowers, or take her out to dinner. But, maybe this year, giving the gift of time and memories over the material things is even more important.

Make Mother’s Day extra special this year by showing her how much you missed her.

7 Ideas to make this Mother’s Day a memorable one

  1. If you haven’t already, consider getting the COVID vaccine so you can safely share time and space with your mom, knowing you can help her feel safer and alleviate any concerns or fears she may have about catching the virus.
  1. If able and safe to do so, go ahead and give that big, long hug and then spend the day with your Mom. She’ll appreciate your presence a whole lot more than any presents you give.
  1. Write your Mom a letter about everything you appreciate about her and the life she provided for you. Mom’s don’t always get appreciation for what they do or the sacrifices they make. Mom doesn’t always know if they did the right thing or made the right choices. Tell her specifics of what you are grateful for because of her being your mom.
  1. Create a scrap book of the past year and share everything you couldn’t share during the pandemic with them. If your mom is also a grandma, share those photos of their grandkids and all their achievements during the times they couldn’t be together.
  1. Don’t just take her out to dinner. Make dinner for her (or brunch is always nice). The extra time during cooking the meal and the effort put into doing it will mean even more for her. And clean up afterwards so she doesn’t have to.
  1. Cards for mom on Mother’s Day are a traditional staple of the holiday. So, instead of buying one, make your own. A handmade card has more meaning than something from Hallmark, and can be quite fun and creative to do. It’s one card your mom will never throw away!
  1. Always remember mom by taking the time to interview her. Ask her questions about her life before she became a mother and preserve that history and those memories so you always have them for yourself and future generations. Create a scrapbook, journal, or story based on the information you uncover.


The coronavirus pandemic changed a lot of things about our traditional way of life and how we interact with each other, especially with those people who mean the most to us. Time with them is not guaranteed and we have to make the most of that time when we have it. Appreciate and don’t take for granted them being in our lives. Celebrate your closest ties and let you know how much you love them!