Weekly home delivery for our most vulnerable population has become an extension of the Eloise’s Cooking Pot (ECP) service, which we have found to be invaluable. Along with an onsite food bank, ECP serves the elderly and residents with disabilities, allowing this vulnerable population to continue to live independently by providing home delivery of food and pet supplies to 500 home-bound clients. Many clients have special dietary restrictions and deliveries are customized to meet individualized client needs

The home delivery program is designed to serve the most at-risk constituency in its target community, and all individuals served by ECP’s delivery program are unable to travel to the food bank because of either financial or physical hardship or disability. Others are limited because of public transportation. All of our client who receives home delivery from ECP reside in what is called a “food desert” a geographic area where nutritious and affordable food is difficult to obtain, particularly without access to a vehicle.

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