For some people who visit the Eloise’s Cooking Pot Food Bank for food assistance, they only need temporary help through a difficult time. They may only need to visit once or twice and they get back on their feet. For others, it is a more ongoing, chronic situation.

It can be very humbling having to ask for help for such a basic need as food. And while the stigma is lifting, many people feel great shame that they can’t provide for themselves and their families and that they must visit a food bank.

We see people at a low point in their lives and it can be hard to witness. But while that may be the case, we also get to see them get the help they need and eventually overcome their adversity which is very inspiring!

For MADF and the staff at the food bank, we understand and empathize with our guests. Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of others, one person at a time, by helping them acquire the most basic human needs: food, housing, encouragement, and opportunity. And our belief is that everyone needs help at some point in life, and that by helping people with food and other basic necessities during tough economic times, those people will pay it forward and help someone else when they are able.

To us, it is an honor to serve our neighbors and a privilege giving to our community. We appreciate our guests’ trust in us during their time of need.

Operating and serving in a non-profit organization has great rewards and those rewards are the reason we do what we do. In fact, we feel that we are getting so much more than we are giving out.

Have you ever considered working for or volunteering at a nonprofit? The benefits of doing so are plenty.

  • Gain a sense of understanding and empathy of the human condition, of people you wouldn’t normally interact with, and lessen judgment of others
  • Bring something meaningful to your life by supporting a cause close to your heart.
  • See tangible results of your work both on a personal, one-on-on level and on a larger scale.
  • Create a purpose and get a sense of being useful and of value to others while getting a feeling of fulfillment in your life.
  • Lift people up and, in-turn, feel up lifted yourself.
  • Help create solutions to community problems and better your neighborhood.

Whether you find yourself in need of food assistance and come in for a one-time visit or need to visit the Eloise’s Cooking Pot Food Bank for an extended period of time, you are always welcome! We love seeing our neighbors.

And if you’ve ever considered being part of an effective nonprofit or serving your community, consider Making A Difference Foundation. And we are always welcome to new volunteers to help us serve the community. Find out more by calling us at 253-212-2778!