Image by Liam Ortiz from Pixabay

Memorial Day is a day for honoring and remembering all military men and women who died while in military service, especially those who died while in combat or as a result of injuries sustained during battle. It is always observed on the last Monday of May, which for 2019 is May 27.

While we can no longer personally thank or help those who gave their lives for our freedoms, we can of take some specific and meaningful actions to honor those who have fallen as well as thank current veterans and serving military members while we still can.

So, while most people are off enjoying a three-day weekend full of sunshine, barbeques, and the start of boating season, we at Making A Difference Foundation would like to offer up 8 ways you can better celebrate the meaning of this special holiday.

  1. If you have family members who served and died in the military, get pictures and stories of them and place around at your Memorial Day picnic or festivities. Remember them with honor, even if you didn’t know them all that well or never met them. You could also create a scrapbook of them and share with other family members and future generations.
  2. Be of service by reaching out to a military family who has a loved one away on duty overseas. Honor these brave military members by assisting their families back home in whatever way you can. Help ease stress and worry by cooking a meal, mowing a lawn, or doing a home improvement project that might be needed and letting them know the community is behind them and appreciate their sacrifice.
  3. Take full advantage of the holiday weekend to create new memories with your family, friends, loved ones, knowing that you can because of the sacrifices made by those people who fought for our liberties. Take time off work for the day and focus on what the people and freedoms in your life really mean to you.
  4. Plant trees or perineal flowers in fallen heros’ honor. If you have family members of your own who have fought and died in past wars or conflicts, then plant them in their memory. If not, visit one of the war memorials or look online for names of military members who gave their lives in service and plant them in their honor.
  5. Craft poppies to hand out as a reminder of fallen military men and women. Inspired by the World War I poem “In Flanders Fields”, and promoted by Moina Michael, poppies were first adopted by the American Legion to commemorate American soldiers killed in that war. They have now been observed to recognize all service members who have been killed in all conflicts. Not sure how to create a poppy? Check out Hey, Let’s Make Stuff, DIY Network, or Satsuma Designs.
  6. Visit an American Legion posts or a veterans’ hospital to give thanks for those who did survive the military conflicts throughout the world. Spend the day or even just a few hours with some of them and listen to their stories. Make sure they know they are valued and appreciated.
  7. Create a care package for a family who’s loved one was a service member who didn’t make it back home. Show you care and honor their fallen hero by making and delivering a box that can help them through a tough time. Some items you could include in the box are personal care items, gift cards for restaurants or personal care services, gift certificates for things like home repairs, lawn service, or family activities, or items for children.
  8. Create a care package or write a letter of thank you to a current military member overseas thanking them for the valuable service. Our service men and women always appreciate tokens from back home while they are deployed. You can also send some needed personal care items, specially snacks, postcards, and more.

Image by Alexas Fotos from Pixabay