Nurture program offers cooking classes that are designed to empower clients of all ages with the tools and resources needed to prepare healthy and delicious meals even when faced with limited time and budget. This program teaches replication of healthy shopping, cooking, and eating practices using fresh, nutritious food.

The Nurture program was designed to focus on four core areas:

  • the cooking classes where students learn about new techniques;
  • education in keeping fit, gardening, and nutrition;
  • community building through gardening education and assistance; and
  • philanthropy via donations of food, cooking equipment, and resources.

The courses are designed to build on one another and are completely free for all client, across a variety of age levels (adult, teens, and children) and meal recipes discussed do not exceed $1.50 per serving. Eight classes a year are offered with a maximum of twenty clients per class. Each class has a different theme/topic/recipe.  The cooking classes empower clients of all ages with tools and resources to prepare healthy and delicious food on a budget. Not only do clients observe how to prepare a meal and experience it first hand, they are then given the food, recipe, and cooking equipment needed to replicate the meal at home.  We also do a mobile farmer’s market to provide people with fresh fruits and vegetables while also educating them on healthy eating. This is done at festivals and local churches during the summertime.

How can you make a difference through the cooking program

Donate to help sponsor a cooking class

Volunteer your time to cook with a family and prepare a healthy meal