Making a Difference Foundation Newsletter

August 20, 2020

COVID-19’s Impact Across the Community

When 2020 started, no one anticipated the events and outcomes we would be challenged with. This year so far, our community and the world at large has faced great change with all of us trying to balance and find our “new normal.”

Yet, during these times, our community has pulled together for the good of neighbors and met these challenges head on. We have seen many selfless acts of kindness happening all across the area, seeing individuals, families, and organizations work together to help others meet their critical needs.

Donations to our Eloise’s Cooking Pot Food Bank have been a huge help to those people struggling with hunger — before and during this pandemic. COVID-19 created an influx in people needing food that we had no way to predict at the start of this year. We are at triple the volume of people needing food assistance and the volume of food we are now providing. This is because of the generosity of those who are able to give, even when everything is still uncertain.

At this time, much of our food bank services are provided through delivery and we have increased deliveries to some of the areas most vulnerable people, from serving 500 households to now serving 1,500 households a month with food boxes. We also maintain a waiting list for this service. Food and monetary donations are still needed so we can keep serving the hungry, as well as volunteers to help us receive food donations, prepare the food boxes for clients, and to deliver those food boxes into the community.

If you’re looking to help during this time of COVID-19, please consider Making A Difference Foundation as a way to help a wide range of people with the most critical resource they need: healthy food.


5 Ways You Can Help Your Neighbors During This Time

While all of us have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis and many of us are struggling, there are easy ways you can help your neighbors and community members during this time. It doesn’t have to be anything large, or monetary even. Every little action can make a difference in someone’s life that is being negatively affected. It can be as simple as:

1. Checking on your shut-in neighbors (the elderly, the disabled, single moms with young children) to make sure they have the items they need can ensure their health and safety. Offer to pick up needed items for them at the store or to do a chore around the yard. Even the quick hello and human contact (masked and social distanced, of course!) can make all the difference.

2. If you have the means, consider donating money or items to a non-profit organization. Like most organizations such as MADF, the COVID-19 crisis has hit us hard, especially food banks. Hunger is on the rise and donating food and other goods goes a long way to serving your community, helping others who might otherwise go without.

3. If you have your own garden, or have the space and knowledge to start one, harvest the fresh and healthy food not only for yourself but your neighbors and food banks as well.

4. Many seniors are struggling harder than most with the pandemic, especially those in senior housing or nursing homes. These facilities have been hit hard and don’t allow visitors at this time to keep resident safe. But, you can always write uplifting, inspirational letters to the residents to let them know they are not alone and others are thinking about them. Spreading positive messages of hope not only uplifts them but you as well!

5. Be kind! While tensions may be high and people are stressed out due to worry, fear, loss of jobs and income, it costs nothing to be kind to all yet there is such a big return! Everyone is dealing with the pandemic in their own way and may be struggling in ways we don’t see or know. And everyone is doing their best. So be patient, smile with your eyes, use kind words, compliment, and be thankful.


COVID-19 Resources

Are you or someone you know in need at this time? If so, reach out to some of these critical resources:

· United Way of Pierce County

· Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department

· Pierce County Human Services

· Washington Governor, Jay Inslee