We’re sure most of us would agree: 2020 has been exceptionally long. After nine months from the start, the COVID-19 pandemic, government lockdowns, rise in cases, and fear continue.

With continued worries of a spike in virus cases, people are still being encouraged, even mandated, to stay home and avoid any unnecessary visits or gatherings, especially holiday celebratory crowds and parties.

2020 was definitely an unprecedented year for us all and a year that many never imagined they would experience in their lifetimes. And all of us are certainly glad it has come to an end, even if the pandemic hasn’t.

While we still may not be able to attend the traditional New Year’s Eve parties, have firework celebrations, or ring in the new year with friends and family, we still can have joy ringing in the new cycle of 2021 knowing we’ve made it this far!

A quick review and a new focus

A new year is a good time reflect on the recent past and your accomplishments, but an even better time to look forward to the things we want to create for ourselves and our community. What is focused on expands and grows. Right now, there is more than enough fear and worry in the world. To make 2021 a better year full of hope and positivity, it’s time to look at what you want to create for yourself and those around you.