Thousands of elderly and disabled people in our community live on fixed incomes or limited social security benefits and often sacrifice nutritious, necessary food to pay for critical prescriptions, housing, utilities, and medical care.
When they can buy food, they subsist on cheaper, poor quality, processed food which is a contributing factor to their health issues: obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. In Pierce County, Washington, the second largest county with 12% of the state’s population:
  • 1 in 6 citizens are food insecure
  • 12.4% live in poverty
  • 10.1% under the age of 65 live with a disability
  • 55% of those 65+ live with a chronic disease
Healthy, fresh food is critical to the good health and well being of this under-served, vulnerable population.
The Making A Difference Foundation wants every senior in Pierce County to age with greater hope and success, which is why MADF is participating in the GIVE65 Event – a 65-hour, national online fundraising event hosted by Home Instead Senior Care Foundation.
You can give seniors hope in our community by donating $10 or more during the GIVE65 Event, July 9 – 11.
Visit to learn more and make your donation today.