Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day set apart to show love and appreciation to those we love, those that matters to us the most and those we hold dear to our heart. For most people; Valentine’s Day is the an exciting holiday not only to celebrate those closest to us but also to demonstrate love and kindness to the people that are making impact in our life.

The story of how Valentine’s Day celebration started is a solemn one. Valentine’s Day is named after Saint Valentine, a catholic priest who defiled order of Emperor Claudius II to marry soldiers in secret and paid the ultimate sacrifice when he was discovered and executed on 14 February in the year 270. Valentine’s ultimate sacrifice shows that the celebration is all about giving something to make a difference in someone’s life like Valentine himself did when he was executed for joining lovers in matrimony.

Valentine celebration is a very special occasion; in fact, all ages look forward to the celebration of this. We all look forward to receive a gift which is a confirmation of love or appreciation from those who are dear to us. We eagerly anticipate for this feast and make plans according to our capability to make the day a special one for that special someone. However, not everybody looks forward to this day. While you are on the beach side, office, classroom or an exquisite restaurants celebrating Valentine’s Day, there are those who could not even remember that it is Valentine’s Day. This people’s mind are occupied by other essential problems such as

  • Lack of shelter
  • Lack of food
  • Lack of medical services
  • Loneliness
  • Unable to pay for school
  • Lack of someone to love them

Valentine’s Day offer us a perfect opportunity to make a great difference in someone’s life. Here is a thought; make a difference in someone’s life that needs it the most this Valentine’s Day. How about making a difference by dong a random act of kindness for someone in need?

How you can make a difference in someone’s else life this Valentine Day?

  • Visit those that are lonely
  • Provide food to the hungry
  • Give gifts of encouragement to the desolated
  • Provide scholarships to kids who cannot afford to go to school
  • Help in providing shelter to those living in the streets
  • Volunteer to work with us at MADF

These are just few ways you can change someone else’s life during this Valentine’s Day. What are you doing to make someone have a better Valentine’s day celebration this year?

At the Making A Difference Foundation, it is our belief that everyday should be treated as a Valentine Day, we need to show love to those who needs it the most; these are the people who have no one to show them love. That’s why we volunteered to take them in, provide food and shelter for them and encourage them to go to school and become a better somebody in the society. We believed that all human no matter their skin, background or language deserved to be loved. Wouldn’t you rather help us show them more love this Valentine?

Join us in making a difference this Valentine’s Day. We plan on providing more food, housing and scholarships to those who needs it the most this year. Find out how you can make a difference by contacting us today.