Remember all the little things, all the sacrifices your mom did that made you feel good, feel special, when you were growing up? Moms are amazing when it comes to giving and showing love!

Mothers the world over have shown that giving and showing love doesn’t have to be done in big ways, that even small gestures can still make a huge difference in our lives.

Giving back and paying it forward doesn’t have to be taking massive action either. Sometimes the little things can mean the most and create huge change for one person, the community, or the world.

Struggling with ideas for Mother’s Day to show your mom how much you care? Skip the flowers that only last so long, the boxes of candy that only add the pounds, and the sweaters that end up sitting in the closet and give her a gift that means something this year. Moms always appreciate gifts that show extra thought, effort, and that mean something a little bit more.

For this Mother’s Day, consider paying it forward in some small way in honor of your mom – all moms – who make a difference in so many people’s lives.

Making A Difference Foundation suggests you try one of these 5 great gift ideas:

1. Make a donation to her favorite charity in her name and honor.

2. Schedule time to volunteer at her favorite local charity and spend the day with her helping others – a food bank, soup kitchen, homeless shelter, children’s organization. There are many to choose from who can always use the help and she will love to spend the quality time together.

3. Spend time with her working on a special hobby she likes — crafts, sewing, knitting, etc. Create things that can be donated to charity.

4. Help your mom go through her old stuff and declutter. She’ll appreciate the help as well as the time you spend with her and she can also donate the stuff she no longer needs to charity.

5. Spend the day cooking with your mom. Make a nice meal and make extra. Take the “leftovers” to a local homeless or domestic violence shelter.

Need ideas of a worthy charity to donate to? Just do a search online for the cause you most want to support or, check out Making A Difference Foundation, We have many programs that help those experiencing hunger and affordable housing issues. We always welcome donations and new volunteers. Contact Ahndrea Blue at to learn more about what we do and how you, and Mom, can participate.