We don’t do it for the accolades and praise.

And we certainly don’t do it for the money or financial reward.

Because there isn’t much of any of that when it comes to what we do.

Working in a nonprofit, in social work of any sort, can be a real challenge and it takes a special type of person to do such work.

Long hours, multiple job titles and duties, lower pay, little thanks or acknowledgment, and seeing people in some of their lowest points in life; it can take a large emotional and financial toll on workers in social service jobs.

But it is more than just a job; it’s a calling for those who do it.

They are the caretakers, the caregivers, in our society and they love to solve problems and help others solve their own. They love to see their neighbors rise up above their tough circumstances and achieve stability and improve their lives with the services they help provide.

They have a sense of duty, honor, and love to their fellow man. And when someone cares deeply about a mission, the results are their own rewards. Personal sacrifice means nothing when they get to help others succeed.

They perform necessary jobs that are important. What they do matters.

And yes, most often, that is enough.

But a “thanks!” is always nice, too.

The staff at Making A Difference Foundation are dedicated individuals who give selflessly of themselves to help people struggling with hunger and low-income issues. It isn’t a glamourous job. They can be unseen in the work they do and in the community at large.

But want you to know, WE SEE YOU!

You are valued and appreciated!

And we thank all of you who work for our organization and those who work across all sectors of social service, including our emergency responders, who care for others and give of themselves in a world that isn’t always so giving in return.