Veteran’s day is coming up on November 11 and it is a good day to remember the veterans in your life as well as countless others both at home and serving overseas in order to protect us and our families. There are many ways you can thank a veteran; you can make an appearance on memorial day and cheer them on as they walk past, you can make donations to organizations that support veterans, you can volunteer at a veteran hospital, you can ask a veteran about their service and you could also write a letter expressing your gratitude for all the things they do to keep us safe.

Our veterans need our wholehearted support. While making a gesture of gratitude on veteran’s day is important, true appreciation of their service and sacrifice requires us to do a lot more. Veterans need to know that our gratitude is sincere, and that we are not just paying them lip service. There are several reasons to thank our veterans:

Veterans make tremendous personal sacrifices to protect our country and enable us to enjoy the freedoms that come with being a US citizen. Many of these sacrifices cannot be repaid by anything we can do but making the effort to show that we are grateful for these sacrifices can go a long way in making veterans feel appreciated.

Most veterans will never be the same after a war experience. War changes their outlook on life, the way they perceive things not to mention resulting in irreversible physical injuries in some cases.

The world is a much safer place thanks to the role that veterans have played. Conflicts the world over have threatened our security and freedoms many times in the last few decades. Veterans have been instrumental in bringing down oppressive regimes that threatened to tear down democratic societies including our own and have managed to keep us safe sometimes at great personal cost

Showing gratitude to veterans can help them to feel appreciated for the sacrifices they have made to protect us. Join us here at Making A Difference Foundation in spending November 11 doing random acts of kindness for veterans, letting them know their sacrifices are not forgotten.