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Experiences, Not Things

If COVID-19 taught us anything, it taught us most about who and what is important in life. It taught us about resilience and strength, and how to pick ourselves back up and continue on. Lessons most of us also learned from our fathers at some point in our lives. Dads are the pinnacle of [...]

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Juneteenth Emancipation Day

June 19, 1865: the official end to slavery in the United States. It was the day when federal troops ensured the last of the African American slaves were freed – two and a half years after Lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation. It’s one of America’s oldest celebrations, marked by prayer, feasting, song, and dance [...]

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Let Us Never Forget

At 3:00 pm, May 31, 2021, will you remember? Memorial Day was started after the civil war to give remembrance and honor those who died in the conflict. Since that time, the holiday has grown to honor all military service members who died in service to our country, to help protect and uphold our freedoms [...]

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Finally… 2021

Finally... We’re sure most of us would agree: 2020 has been exceptionally long. After nine months from the start, the COVID-19 pandemic, government lockdowns, rise in cases, and fear continue. With continued worries of a spike in virus cases, people are still being encouraged, even mandated, to stay home and avoid any unnecessary visits or [...]

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Christmas, COVID, and Caring for Others

There is much debate as to whether or not we should be gathering with family and friends this Christmas. Actually, regardless of which holiday you celebrate this season, people all across the nation and world are being encouraged to stay home, remain socially distanced, and bypass celebrations this year.  COVID-19 has brought challenges this year [...]

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Snoqualmie Tribe donates nearly $400,000 to Snoqualmie Valley nonprofits hit hard by pandemic

In addition to the funds donated to Snoqualmie Valley organizations, the Snoqualmie Tribe also made donations to organizations serving the entire Puget Sound region, including... Making A Difference Foundation. Read the full article at the link below. https://livingsnoqualmie.com/snoqualmie-tribe-donates-nearly-400000-to-snoqualmie-valley-nonprofits-hit-hard-by-pandemic/

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Celebrating Black Dads on Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, Making A Difference Foundation wants to do something different. We want to help break the myths of the absentee father in black communities. As a black woman, with a strong black father in position, it’s important to address this issue. The truth is black fathers have received a tainted reputation, especially in [...]

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